The ideal problem solver and profit generator rolled into one. Canvik Disk Brake Lathes will cure problems typically associated with disc run out such as vibration, pedal pulsation and poor braking performance.  Removes surface rust and reprofiles the disc to an as new if not better condition.

disc_brake_lathe_1Canvik M5

Simplification by Innovation For more than 25 years Canvik have been at the forefront of disc brake lathe technology.  Engineered specifically for cars and light commercial vehicles,the M5 reflects the very best of Scandinavian design and technology.

The M5’s new-patented adaptorsystem quickly mounts the cutting head to the brake assembly. The cutting tips are automatically positioned to start machining quickly giving significant savings in set-up time over previous models.

The patented flexi-drive transmission system simply bolts to the disc via the supplied adaptors.  With no rotating shafts, the drive is both simpler and takes up less floor space.

  •  Manual & Automatic IN and OUT Bi-directional feel control
  • Mounted directly to the mounting holes of the brake calliper
  • Ensures precise automatic positioning in the centre line of the brake disc-turning the brake disc parallel to the calliper
  • Eliminates disc run out
  • Compensates for small inaccuracies in the hubs
  • Flexible mounting system for various vehicles
  • Self centring adapter arms
  • Mobile stand
  • Storage facility for the lathe head
  • Drive unit with flexible axle
  • Motor placed near the ground
  • No time-consuming positioning of machine stand
  • 3 year guarantee

disc_brake_lathe_2Canvik A5

The same specification as the M5 but with the added benefit of an automated bi-directional in and out feed.  All the operations of the cutting head are controlled by a keypad.  This allows a slightly more slimline profile, ideal for vehicles where there isn’t a lot of space.


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