Big range of air conditioning systems to suit trucks.

air_con_unit_1Truck & Van Air Conditioning

Rooftop and indash air conditioning systems to suit most current models of popular van and truck.

Powerful in dash air conditioning can be used in conjunction with the heater for use through the whole year.

Vehvac can supply systems in kit form and can also install at our workshop in Edenbridge, Kent. Please call for your requirements.


air_con_unit_2Small coach and minibus

Small coaches and minibuses require powerful air conditioning systems to efficiently cool the driver and passengers.

Vehvac have a comprehensive range of rooftop and in dash systems to suit most applications.

Systems can be installed at our workshop in Edenbridge.

Please call for your requirements


Stationary Air Conditioning

Dometic Waeco air conditioning systems to ISO 5151 and ADR. Designed to be used whilst parked up. High performers and quiet. Refrigerant air conditioning systems.


Self contained air conditioner. Fits straight into the roof hatch. A variety of bespoke installation kits available for most popular makes of truck. Slimline design and high performer.


sp900Super low profile split conditioner with remote condenser. Ideal where installation is tricky or there is a problem with the vehicles height.

  1. LED green: unit in operation
  2. LED yellow: compressor ON
  3. LED red: warning indicator
  4. Temperature set buttons
  5. ON/OFF switch
  6. sp900_diagramDigital status readout
  7. Infrared receiver
  8. Operation mode setting




bycool_evolutionEvaporative Coolers

Bycool Evolution

Uses water to produce a cooling effect. Ideal in low humidity, high temperature environments. Mounts in the vehicles roof hatch. Has a separate water tank. Low current draw (4amps) means it can be run for extended periods.

Vehvac fitting service available.


NEW FOR 2011


Flat and compact design with a mounted height of just 58mm. The roof evaporator unit of the CoolAir SP950 fits under spoilers and roof-mounted structures with ease. Even on very tall truck cabins there’s still ‘headroom’ until the maximum permissible vehicle height is reached.

Custom fitting kits available for Daf, Man, Mercedes, Renault, Scania and Volvo.


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