Truck Van & Bus Kitchen Solutions

Coffee Makers and Kettles
Truck Van & Bus Kitchen Solutions

Exclusively for Truckers!!

An excellent range of coffee making machines and kettles that come with the right connection and fixing brackets for trucks. Pick the one that suits you.

Incorporates all essential safety features including overheat protection.

pad01Waeco Perfectcoffee PAD01

Pad Coffee Maker, 1 Cup

Insert the pad, fill with water, press the start button. Three minutes later you have a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Works on 24 volts.



waeco_mc01Waeco PerfectCoffee MC01

Coffee Maker, 1 cup

Waeco PerfectCoffee MC01 provides a low-cost alternative to the pad coffee maker. The popular 1-cup brewer was specially designed for mobile use. Available in 12 or 24v versions and incorporates all essential safety features.



Waeco PerfectCoffee MC05 / MC06 / MC08

Coffee Makers 5, 6 or 8 cups

Designed especially for truckers! They come with the right connections and a fixing bracket for wall or desk mounting.


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