Motorhome heaters manufactured by Webasto Germany are recognised as the best on the market.  Reliable and efficient they use the vehicles fuel to heat the motorhome.

There are 3 types of heater: blown air, water and a combination of both known as the dual top.

Blown air heater

Compact and powerful, can be installed under seats, in lockers, or outside the motorhome. The 3 models available vary in performance and additional functions are available to either support existing heating systems or as a stand alone heater. A temperature management system looks after fuel and power consumption and provides variable precise and constant temperature with little noise.

webasto_air_top_2000stAir Top 2000ST

The most compact Webasto heater with a maximum heat output of 2kW. Very low levels of electric power (1.2 – 2.5 amps) and fuel consumption (0.13 – 0.27 l/h)

Reasonably easy to install and can be used whilst driving.

Heater kit includes

  • Airtop 2000ST heater
  • Standard rotary control
  • 1 outlet ducting kit
  • choice of round or oblong floor mounting plate
  • exhaust
  • Instructions

StandardControl Kit AT2000RVSC

DigitalControl Kit AT2000RVDC


webasto_air_top_evo_3900Air Top Evo 3900

The new Air Top Evo is a popular installation on mid sized motorhomes.  A compact and powerful performer.  Heating power can be varied between 1.5 and 3.9 kW.  Fuel consumption is 0.18 – 0.47 l/h and the rated power consumption is also low at 1.3 – 4.6 amps.

Heater kit includes

  • Airtop Evo 3900 heater
  • MC05 control
  • choice of round or oblong floor mounting plate
  • exhaust
  • Instructions


NB. Kit does not include ducting or accessories. These are available separately.


webasto_air_top_evo_5500Air Top Evo 5500

The most powerful heater in the Air Top range. Can be mounted under the vehicle or inside.  Heater output can be varied between 1.5 – 5.5 kW. Fuel consumption is 0.18 – 0.66 l/h and the power consumption is 1.3 -10.9 amps.

  • Airtop Evo 5500 heater
  • MC05 control
  • choice of round or oblong floor mounting plate
  • exhaust
  • Instructions



webasto_airtop_controlAir Top standard control

The heater is turned on and off by rotating the control. Just set and forget.



webasto_digital_timerAir Top Digital Timer

A programmable control with an integrated clock.  Includes an instant heat button and the ability to preset the start up time.


dual_controllerAir Top Evo Control (MC05)

The very latest generation of control, allows you to choose between 3 different heating modes. Boost (very fast warm up) Eco (economical mode) and normal heating. Also includes a high altitude switch which keeps the heating parameters correct at altitude (1800m above sea level)


Vehvac have many years experience in the

supply and installation of Air Top heaters to

motorhomes.  Everything from a standard

motorhome to something a bit different.

Vehvac can advise as to which heater is best

suited to your application.


webasto_thermo_topThermo Top C300 Panel Van / Small Van Kit

Webasto water heating systems are available in various power levels and sizes. The Thermo Top C is recognised as the best hot water heater for applications requiring up to 5.2kW of heating power. Compact design, low power consumption makes this an ideal heater for your motorhome. The Thermo Top C can be integrated into the water system providing hot air and hot water for washing and even for a shower. The system includes, header tank, plate heat exchanger, mixer valve,1 heater blower, dedicated power switch and associated pipe work and fittings.

p/n 41K107D


webasto_thermo90stThermo 90ST

A very powerful heater with up to 9 kW of heating. Popular on horsebox applications or where a large amount of heating is required.




webasto_digital_timerThermo Top Digital Timer

Easy to use, allowing instant heat or to pre-set the heater to come on and run when required.




Dual Top

The ultimate water and air heater from Webasto. Combines the ability to produce blown air heating and also hot water at the same time. Available in 3 different versions.

Only available as a professional installation. Please call for pricing.


webasto_rha100Dual Top RHA-100

Standard version of the dual top range producing a maximum of 6kW of heating power. As with all the dual top heaters it includes frost protection and stepless temperature control.


webasto_rha100Dual Top RHA-101

This dual top version has 6kW of heating power and also has an electrical coil (1.2kW). Can be operated via 230v connection. The heater can be mounted underneath the vehicle or inside.


webasto_rha100Dual Top RHA-102

The very best in the dual top range. It has a 2kW additional electrical heating element. Designed for colder regions of the world and in particular Northern Europe.


webasto_standar_controlDual Top Controls

Standard Control

This control comes with the Dual Top RHA-100. Very easy to use. 2 rotating controls, 1 to active the desired mode and the other to adjust the inside temperature.


webasto_dual_topDigital Control

Supplied with the RHA-101 and RHA-102.  It has a menu driven control. This allows everything to be turned on and off when you want.

The very best from Webasto.

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