Motorhome Cruise Control

Ideal for motorway or long distance driving. Vehvac cruise control constantly monitors and controls the speed of your vehicle.

Simple and easy to use, cruise control reduces driver fatigue whilst helping to prevent fuel wastage and unintentional speeding.

A choice of stalks to suit you and designed to look very much part of the vehicle. The stalk or pod control includes the facility to tap your speed up or down in small intervals allowing you to adjust to the flow of the traffic.

The latest stalk control includes a speed limiting function and favourite speeds option.

The speed limiter facility allows the vehicle to drive at any speed up to the set limit but not beyond. It will not affect the way the vehicle accelerates. Perfect for sections of road with average speed cameras and heavy congestion.

The speed limiter is also ideal for van and hire cars and will reduce fuel usage and wear and tear.

The favourite speed option allows you to preset 2 speeds, for instance 30mph and 70mph. At the touch of a button the vehicle will accelerate to either speed and then cruise.



Stalk control with speed limiter and favourite speeds option.





Mounted on the dashboard – popular on motorhomes and van derived vehicles. Can be installed by Vehvac or at a UK dealer.

Installed from £495 inc VAT!


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