motorhome_reversing_cameraReversing Cameras for Motorhome and Caravan

Damage to your motorhome or caravan, particularly when reversing can be very expensive. Obscure driveways and obstacles whilst reversing can heighten the risk of taking a knock.

A Perfect View Reversing Camera system will give you an extra pair of eyes and ears to what’s happening behind you.



motorhome_rvs500_750Entry Level Reversing Camera – RVS500 and RVS750

This model features Elegant CAM50 colour camera available in silver or white.  This features an especially slim design which harmonises well with modern vehicles.  Also has an integrated microphone.  Option of  5″ or 7″ colour monitor.  Features the easylink mount. Monitor can be easily detached to be stored out of view.





motorhome_rvs580_780Extra Wide Angle Picture – RVS580 and RVS780

These models have the highly compact CAM80 colour shutter camera.  It gives a picture angle of 145°.  Infra-red LEDs for improved night vision and works well in sunny conditions.  The CAM80c has a motor operated shutter which protects the lens from dirt and damage.  Also features an integrated microphone.

PerfectView RVS580

PerfectView RVS780



motorhome_rvs590_790Optimal Close Range – Distance Vision – RVS590 and RVS790

Both models have the twin colour camera CAM33C1. This clever twin-lens camera enables you to view what’s happening far behind the vehicle as well as the area just behind. The wide angle lens with a 140° picture for close range and a telescopic lens gives a 40° picture for long distance vision.  Also features an integrated microphone.





motorhome_mwe850rvReversing Camera and Audible Parking Aid  MWE850RV

This is the ultimate way to protect your vehicle.  You can supplement your reversing camera with the Waeco MagicWatch MWE850RV.  Designed specifically for motorhome applications.  The MagicWatch parking aid emits a varying acoustic sound to confirm how close you are to an obstacle.  This tried and tested high quality product can be combined with any of the 6 PerfectView reversing camera systems.


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