Motorhome Air Conditioning SystemsAir Conditioning greatly improves the environment of your motorhome.

Good range of in dash systems specifically designed for motorhome applications.

Powerful and integrated to the vehicles existing heating and ventilation controls.

A very specialist field, Vehvac have the knowledge and ability to design and install complete air conditioning systems. All aspects of this market are covered including component supply and systems in kit form.

Current Range

Peugeot Boxer

Citroen Despatch

Citroen Relay

Fiat Ducato

Ford Transit

Mercedes Sprinter

Iveco Daily

Renault Master

Vauxhall Morvano

Volkwagen Crafter

Bespoke design and installation available for vintage and classic vehicles.

Trade and Retail Customers welcome.

Motorhome Rooftop Static Air Conditioning

Ideal for controlling the environment of your motorhome when stationary.

Vehvac can supply and install a range of rooftop air conditioners to suit your motorhome.

Powered by strong and energy saving technology they offer high cooling performance for optimum comfort.

Normally the air conditioner is installed into an existing 400 x 400mm skylight, but other options can be catered for. The air conditioners use the principal of cold air sinking the cooling air streams are spread into the vehicles interior in an energy saving manner and without performance loss.

A range of systems tailored to the length of your vehicle.

Up to 5 metres


This air conditioner fits any motorhome and any budget.  Compact design, flat height of 20cm and lightweight at only 18 kilos makes it ideal for smaller motorhomes.With less than 3amps starting power, the CA1000 works everywhere and without fail, even on campsites with low circuit protection.

  • Circuit protection for campsites
  • 3 amp delay fuse


motorhome_b1100sB 1100s

A high performing air conditioner with low energy consumption, a well proven model has been the number one choice of leading manufacturers for many years.  Low start up of only 3 amps means it can be used with confidence at any campsite.

  • Circuit protection for campsites
  • 3 amp delay fuse


Up to 6 metres


One of the most popular air conditioners in Europe has been improved. Designed for medium and large motorhomes.  Has the additional benefit of a user friendly remote control and integrated lighting.

  • Circuit protection for campsites
  • 4 amp delay fuse


motorhome_freshlightFresh Light

The very latest from Dometic. 2200 kW of cooling power has an integrated skylight. Includes a pleated blind, control panel with integrated, dimmable LED lights and an energy efficient heat pump system for cooling and heating.

  • Circuit protection for campsites
  • 6 amp delay fuse


Up to 7 metres


This compact unit delivers fresh dehumidified air free from dust and dirt.  Thanks to a patented diffuser system, air is distributed towards the front and back

  • Circuit protection for campsites
  • 6 amp delay fuse


Up to 8 metres


The B2600 creates the perfect climate onboard medium and large motorhomes. The temperature and blower speeds can be set by remote control. High performance and low noise.

  • Circuit protection for campsites
  • 6 amp delay fuse



Welcome to the professional class.  High performance heating and cooling at the touch of a button.  It cools or heats effectively and extremely quietly.  Ergonomic air diffuser is easy to operate and saves valuable space.  The very best from Dometic.

  • Circuit protection for campsites
  • 10 amp delay fuse


motorhome_bycool_camperEvaporative Coolers

The cheaper alternative to true rooftop air conditioners.  They use water to produce a cooling effect.  Ideal in hot, dry environments such as in Southern Europe.

Bycool Camper

The Bycool Camper is a tried and tested unit that gives high cooling performance. The low ampage requirement means it can be run off the vehicles leisure battery for extended periods.


motorhome_webasto_nitecoolWebasto Nitecool

A proven performer manufactured by a well known German manufacturer. Slim line design and low ampage consumption makes it ideal for every type of motorhome.

Both of these systems are designed for night time use. A good nights sleep, guaranteed!


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