red dotHeating, cooling and filtration systems that work in the toughest of environments for off and on highway vehicles.

Vehvac have many years experience in both the supply and installation of all the products we sell.

As a Red Dot and Webasto dealer we are ideally placed to guide you with your requirements.

Heavy-duty roof top and back wall a/c systems.  Hydraulic drive compressors,  cab pressurisers and filtration systems.

Large range of heating and cooling packages.



The most popular:


r_6100R-6100  12 / 24 volt

Tried and tested air conditioning rooftop unit.  Lightweight, high capacity with a low profile aerodynamic design.

Ideal for use on vehicles where an in-dash system cannot be installed.


r_9727R-9727 12 / 24 volt

Heavy duty steel cased rooftop air conditioning unit. The most rugged and dependable system available from Red Dot.  Heavy duty components mean trouble free operation in the most extreme environments.  Ideal for mining and construction use.


Hydraulic Drive Compressors


The perfect solution where the compressor cannot be driven from a belt off the engine.  It minimizes a/c hose length whilst maximizing performance.  The compressor is driven off the vehicles hydraulics.

2 versions available.












Pressurisers and remote mount filters


Required in dusty environments to pressurise the cab.

Stops dust and small particles entering the cab.  Must be used in conjunction with a remote mount filter.










Remote mount filters

Heavy duty filter assembly. Steel construction with internal dust trap and purge drain. A variety of different filter elements available including P3 filters.  To be used in conjunction with Red Dot pressuriser.






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