rostra seat heaterElectro/Pneumatic Adjustable Lumbar Support Car Seat Heaters

An adjustable lumbar support can instantly make your driving experience more comfortable.

Hidden inside the driver’s seat, the Electrically Operated Pneumatic Support provides gentle extra pressure behind your lower back.

The amount of support can be controlled at the touch of a button mounted conveniently on the side of the seat or on the dashboard.

Designed for leather and cloth finished seats, the Lumbar Support will make every drive a more comfortable drive.


Heat and Support for your back

Car Seat HeatersTherapeutic Car Seat Heater

Relax in the comfort of a state-of-the-art seat heater.

Expertly installed into your car seat, the seat heater warms your back giving gentle soothing lower relief whilst on the move.

The Therapeutic Seat Heater features temperature control at the touch of a button with separate sensors for seat back and cushion.

Designed for high reliability and safety, the Therapeutic Seat Heater provides so much comfort, you’ll wonder how you got along without it.


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