The complete Car Air Conditioning repair service

Air Conditioning for carsCar A/C systems need regular maintenance to ensure they are working reliably and efficiently.

The majority of manufacturers recommend your air con is recharged every couple of years.   

Most systems lose a small percentage of refrigerant each year. 

Regular servicing can stop this process and keep the system in full working order.

We have the latest air conditioning equipment to service & test vehicles running on R134a and the latest R1234yf refrigerant.  

A full service involves pressure checking, replacing the receiver drier if needed and recharging with the correct amount of refrigerant and compressor oil. The system is then tested to confirm the cooling performance.

We use Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN) to pressure check to find leaks and the very latest ultrasonic leak test equipment as well.

ac_servicing_2Replacement parts supplied and installed at a fraction of main dealer prices.

Air conditioning systems can suffer from nasty smells, Vehvac can cure this problem using an antibacterial treatment. This kills the bacteria that are the cause of the bad odors.

For older vehicles with R12 (Freon) they can be converted to run on R134a refrigerant. A simple and inexpensive process that works.

All Vehvac staff are trained to the required F Gas Regulation for the safe handling and use of refrigerants.

We are Vehicle Air Conditioning specialists and can use our knowledge to undertake a repair when other garages may have failed or given up.

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