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Air Conditioning

Professional a/c workshops require fully automatic equipment to meet today’s service needs.  It is important that the equipment is fast and easy to use, and works virtually ‘on its own’ without the need to watch over it.

asc2000ASC 2000

With patented fresh oil and UV injection.

Manufactured in Germany by Waeco, strong bullet proof design, easy to use.  Fully Automatic, ideal for use on cars, vans and trucks. Integrated refrigerant charging and recovery memory.  Push button control and digital panel. 21 kilo refrigerant capacity.

Best seller!


New features!


Individual User Code.  This prevents unauthorised use of the ASC2000.  Option to programme up to 10 names in conjunction with an individual pin code.


Personalised Charging Amount Database.  An option to create a personalised charge amount database for up to 100 vehicles.


asc3000ASC 3000

High volume air con service centre designed for coach, bus and railway applications.

The ASC 3000 has a 2 stage vacuum pump, evacuating 132 litres per minute. Patented oil and dye injection system, push button control and digital panel. 30 kilo refrigerant capacity.


New features!

Individual User Code.  This prevents unauthorised use of the ASC3000.  Option to programme up to 10 names in conjunction with an individual pin code.

Personalised Charging Amount Database.  An option to create a personalised charge amount database for up to 100 vehicles.

pag_compressor_oilPAG compressor oil

Patented oil charging system for professional use.  To be used in conjunction with the ASC2000 and ASC3000.  Prevents moisture and contaminants from entering the a/c system.  Clean and efficient.


Ref no: 8887200013 – low viscosity ISO46 500ml

Ref no: 8887200014 – high viscosity ISO100 500ml

Ref no: 8887200019 – ultra high viscosity ISO150 500ml

Ref no: 8887200017 – universal pag oil 500ml

Ref no: 8887200021 – Nippondenso compressor oil 500ml



New ASC Machines for HFO-1234yf Coming Soon! 


What happens when R134a is phased out?

The introduction of alternative refrigerants in a/c systems has been a topic of discussion for some time.

Possibilities include the introduction of processes based on extremely high operating pressures (CO2) and

alternatives such as HFO-1234yf refrigerant.  Vehicle manufacturers will be using alternative refrigerants from 2011 as R134a is starting to be phased out.

R134a unfortunately, has a GWP Number of 1300 which means it has a dramatic effect on global warming.  This is the reason why it will be banned completely from 2016.



universal_flush_containerUniversal Flush Container

Required by vehicle manufacturers when systems have to be flushed. Designed specifically for the ASC Range.  Fits on the rear of the a/c unit. Includes filter and high capacity hose.


Ref no: 8885277788  universal flush container

Ref no: 8880700246 filter


ac_flush_adaptor_kit_vw_audiA/C flush adapter kit – VW/Audi

For bypassing expansion valves, compressors and dryers. High quality kit designed to link the system together. Can be used in conjunction with the universal flush container. Designed for Audi and VW applications as well as other makes.


Ref no: 8885300089 a/c flush adapter kit


ac_flush_adaptor_kitA/C Flush Adapter Kit

Can be used on a large variety of vehicles.  Allows liquid refrigerant to flow around the circuit to remove debris, oil and dye.

Ref no: 8885300080 – a/c flush adapter set




UV leak detection kit

Specifically designed for all a/c service systems with integrated dye

injection device.  Kit comes with powerful uv lamp (50watts, 12volts),

solvent free dye, UV glasses, service stickers and sturdy pag oil resistant


Ref no: TP-1151 – leak detection kit

Nitrogen Pressure Gauge and Leak Detector

Now required by most vehicle manufacturers to check for leaks before a vehicle is charged with refrigerant.  Kit includes nitrogen Trolley, regulator, class 1 test manometer, low side service hose and quick release R134a coupling. Nitrogen tank not included.

Ref no: 8885400092 – pressure gauge and leak detector

Ref no: 8885400124 – extension kit for high side – required by Mercedes


nitrogen_regulator_kit_2Nitrogen Regulator Kit

Satisfies current legislation and guidelines from car manufacturers Pressurises the a/c circuit with safe nitrogen to its maximum working pressure. Includes high quality regulator, low pressure line and coupler.

Nitrogen tank not included

Ref no: 8885400058 – nitrogen regulator kit


Safety Gloves & Gogglessafety_gloves

Current F-Gas regulations require all personnel using or handling

refrigerant to have the correct safety equipment. Gloves have to be made from Fluoroelastomer material and goggles to be wrap around and vented.



Ref no: 8885400065 – safety gloves

Ref no: 8885400066 – safety goggles



Air Conditioner Cleaning

Musty or lingering smells can be a big problem on some cars. The reason for this is a combination of heat, moisture and darkness within the a/c system. This provides an idea breeding ground for bacteria, mould, pollen and other micro organisms. These can produce the nasty odour. Regular cleaning and disinfection of the a/c system is the best method to keep this problem under control.

ultrasonic_atomiserRefresh-o-mat ultrasonic atomiser

Cleans the air conditioner and neutralises bacterial odour in the passenger compartment. Steams the chemical into the air conditioning system and around the car. A simple automatic process. Kit comes with kettle, mains connection and sturdy case. – to be used in conjunction with Waeco cleaning chemicals.


Ref no: 8885300082 – refresh-o-mat



aircon_refresher_cleanerAir-Con Refresh Cleaner

To be used with ultrasonic atomiser.  Kills mould, bacteria and other harmful organisms from evaporators, air vents and heater box on cars. Effectively prevents odour.

Ref no: 8887400008 -1 litre air con refresh cleaner (10 applications)

Ref no: 8887400016 – 100ml x 20pk air con refresh cleaner (20 applications)

Car refresh air freshener

To be used with ultrasonic atomiser.  Ideal for eliminating intensive odours such as cigarette smoke and animal scent.  Works chemically to give a lasting result rather than just covering the smell up.

Ref no: 8887400009 – 1 litre air freshener (10 applications)

Ref no: 8887400015 -100ml x 20pk air freshener (20 applications)


o-ring_set_for_carsO Ring set for cars R134a, 654 items

Saves lots of time messing around trying to find the right o’ring.  A professional kit that covers virtually ever single car. Steel cased box with itemised compartments.

Ref no: SK31 –  O Ring set – Cars



or-ring_set_for_trucksO Ring set for trucks R134a, 330 items

Kit for servicing and repairing air conditioning systems on trucks and vans. 70 different o ring types. Steel cased box with itemised compartments.

Ref no: SK32 – O Ring set – Trucks

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