Give your left leg a holiday with Auto Clutch



Driving can be a chore, particularly if the clutch is heavy or you’re stuck in traffic.

If you like the idea of an automatic but want the control and economy of a manual, then Auto Clutch is the answer.

It can be installed to cars, vans and motor homes.

AutoClutch is a clever device that does all the work that your left leg would do.

No more clutch pumping in town or on the open road. “God bless the inventor” said one of our customers.

Auto Clutch is operated by means of a push button switch in the gear knob and by the brake pedal.

As soon as the AutoClutch is active the driver no longer needs to operate the clutch pedal.  Clutch engagement and disengagement is automatically controlled by the Auto Clutch.

Ideal for those suffering with leg and back problems.  

Most vehicles can have the Auto Clutch installed from £1,795.00 + Vat (Vat free for blue badge holders)

If you would like to have a go in our demonstrator give us a call. We’re confident you’ll love it!

Installations from £1595.00 + vat.



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